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04/16/21 - Load the Grill!  Drop the Fry Baskets!!  48-272 IA-58 Anniversary Pucaras, 48-273 IA-58 Foreign User/Special Pucaras, and 48-274 A-10A/C Brrrrt... to the Future are now available for order!!!

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Load the Grill!  Drop the Fry Baskets!

48-272, 48-273 and 48-274 Available for Order!!

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2020 IPMS Nats Decal Sheet



In 2018, the North Texas IPMS group successfully bid to host the 2020 IPMS National Convention. The group was honored and excited to bring the IPMS National Convention once again to the Great State of Texas.
Unfortunately, due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the IPMS National Convention for 2020 was cancelled.
There has been an IPMS/USA National Convention every year since 1964. With all the world and national events that have transpired over the last 56 years , there has never been a time when IPMS had to cancel this annual event.
This decal sheet was well into production prior to the cancellation of the convention. It was decided to continue with the printing of this sheet as a small way to commemorate the event even after cancellation.
The North Texas chapters were awarded the event for 2023 and look forward to hosting the annual convention in San Marcos, TX!For those of you that always miss out on the decals offered up during a National Convention, this is your opportunity to grab one of these for yourself.


Recommended Kits:

  • 1/72 Italeri T-45 Goshawk
  • 1/48 Kintetic T-45C Goshawk
  • 1/25 Lindberg Crown Victoria
  • 1/24 Lindberg Dodge Charger
  • 1/24 Motormax Ford Interceptor
  • 1/1000 Star Trek Enterprise

32-070 F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles

From April to October 2018, the Panthers of the 494th Expeditionary Fight Squadron and 
Expeditionary Maintenance Unit deployed to an undisclosed location in the Middle East. As a major offensive air component of Coalition Joint Task Force OIR, the Panthers flew over 2,100 sorties totaling greater than 11,000 hours, and expended over 500 air-to-surface weapons in strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Panthers lethal, highly successful combat deployment helped advance the defeat of ISIS and secure the goals of regional stability.

This decal sheet represents 15 aircraft from this squadron with associated nose art. There are enough stencils for (2) complete aircraft with stencil options sized for both the Revellogram kit as well as the new Great Wall Hobbies kit.

Instruction sheets are our new 11" X 17" format and include model paint matches as well as full loadout information for these aircraft.

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle

32-069 F-16C Alaskan Splinters Part II

Part II of of our continuing coverage of the new Aggressor schemes coming out of the 18th FS in Eielson AB!

The BDU Splinter, Blue Splinter and the newest Arctic Splinter all follow the same schematic pattern as the previous Alaskan Splinter jets.  We have also included a couple of the all black scheme as well as an all gray scheme on this sheet.  The single color schemes were resident on the jets during their ferry flights to Eielson.

Included in the sheet are complete markings and stencils for the BDU Splinter scheme and options for either the Blue or Arctic Splinter aircraft.  There are also complete markings for both single color, ferry schemes.

Sized for the Tamiya F-16C kit

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Academy F-16C

32-068 F-16C Alaskan Splinters


Not to be outdone by the new aggressor schemes at Nellis AFB, the 359th FW at Eielson AFB, AK have generated a new splinter scheme of their own.

Designed by squadron personnel, these schemes flew for the first time in early 2017.  Twobobs worked directly with squadron personnel to ensure that every subtle detail of these unique markings were captured accurately.

Included in the sheet are two complete sets of markings and stencils for both splinter jets.  The walkway lines are printed in three different colors to allow the modeler to accurately match the walkway lines to the paint schemes as applied.

Sized for the Tamiya F-16C kit

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C

48-274 A-10A/C Brrrrrt.. to the Future

This sheet provides markings for three different eras of the A-10.

A-10A 80-0221 in special arctic scheme from Operation Cool Snow Hog 82-1.  There is a bonus set of markings for this aircraft in 1/72nd scale included.

A-10A 80-0186 from Desert Storm.  This aircraft suffered severe damage from an SA-16 during a mission and was quickly repaired and put back into service within 7 days.

A-10C 80-0186 from the DARPA/AFRL Persistent Close Air Support (PCAS) program.  This is the same SN as the Desert Storm aircraft on this sheet.  This aircraft was utilized as an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) to facilitate testing of some leading edge Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) technology development and testing for this very leading edge program.  Many of the technologies developed on this program have been implemented into current JTAC/TACP capabilities.

Recommended Kits:

  • 1/48th Hobby Boss A-10
  • 1/48th Revell A-10

48-273 IA-58 Foreign User/Special Pucaras

 The IA-58 Pucara is an Argentinian indigenously designed COIN/Attack aircraft.

Developed between 1966-1973 with delivery starting in 1975, there have been over 100 aircraft produced for Argentina as well as Uruguay, Colombia and Sri Lanka.

The aircraft is most famous for its role in the Falklands/Malvinas Conflict of 1982

Represented on this sheet are markings for a Colombia and Sri Lanka scheme.  Also on this seet are markings for the torpedo bomber test aircraft and a unique earth scheme aircraft that was delivered to the FAA.

We have also included generic markings for the FAA to be used to model most of the South Atlantic Conflict as well as more current versions of the Pucara in Argentine Service.

Recommended Kits:

  • 1/48th Kinetic IA-58 Pucara

48-272 IA-58 Anniversary Pucaras

 The IA-58 Pucara is an Argentinian indigenously designed COIN/Attack aircraft.

Developed between 1966-1973 with delivery starting in 1975, there have been over 100 aircraft produced for Argentina as well as Uruguay, Colombia and Sri Lanka.

The aircraft is most famous for its role in the Falklands/Malvinas Conflict of 1982

Represented on this sheet are three aircraft that were specially painted to celebrate the 30th and 40th Anniversary of the Fuerza Aerea Argentina.

Recommended Kits:

  • 1/48th Kinetic IA-58 Pucara

48-271 F-15C 44th FS Vampire Bats

In 2020 the "Vampire Bats" of the 44th Fighter Squadron and Aircraft Maintenance Unit deployed to the CENTCOM area of operations and subsequently adorned 12 of their F-15Cs with uniquely distinct nicknames and corresponding nose art.  This decal sheet captures the artwork of the deployment.  These jets can be built with the latest and greatest F-15C combat ordnance loadout to include the AN/AAQ-33 Sniper pod.

Stencils are provided for both the Great Wall Hobby and Hasegawa kits and there are enough markings for two complete aircraft.

Recommended Kits:

  • 1/48th Great Wall Hobby F-15C
  • 1/48th Hasegawa F-15C

48-270 F/A-18E VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet

VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet has a long and distinguished naval aviation history that started in 1943.  In that time they have flown the TBF Avenger, the SB2C Helldiver, the A-1 Skyraider, the A-7 Corsair and the F/A-18C Hornet.

In 2012 they transitioned to the F/A-18E Super Hornet and became part of Carrier Air Wing 9 onboard the USS John C. Stennis.  They later joined Carrier Air Wing 7 onboard the USS Harry S. Truman where they supported Operation Inherent Resolve.  They are currently assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln.

The CAG markings on this sheet were designed by Wesley Perkins who is a pilot with VFA-25 and pays homage to the scheme previously carried by the A-7E.

There are enough markings on this sheet for two complete aircraft to include the CAG scheme, the Merry Fistmas jet as well as nine line jets from the squadron.Full stencils are provided.

Recommended Kits:

  • 1/48th Hasegawa F/A-18E
  • 1/48th Revellogram F/A-18E

48-269 A-4L/A-4K/TA-4K Draken Intl

Draken International owns the largest commercial fleet of tactical jets in teh world.  A major part of this fleet is the A-4 Skyhawk.

Initially, Draken Intl. flew the A-4L in support of EW testing in the China Lake Range.  As the company continued to grow, they were able to acquire (8) former New Zealand Air Force A/TA-4K aircraft in 2012.

These aircraft were upgraded in 2001 with a figher radar, HOTAS control, a glass cockpit, HUD and advanced digital databuss to become the most advanced A-4 derivatives in the world.

Draken Intl. currently supports Adversary Air taskings around the world for the US Armed Forces.

This decal sheet contains enough markings for both A-4L aircraft as well as enough basic markings and stencils for (2) A-4k/TA-4K aircraft. 

Recommended Kits:

  • 1/48th Hasegawa A-4L
  • 1/48th Hasegawa A-4/TA-4
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