TBK48-003 T-45C Goshawk Centennial of Naval Aviation

tbk48-003 box

This is a limited release boxing of the excellent 1/48th Kinetic T-45 kit.  All standard items included in the Kinetic kit are in this boxing with these notable additions:

  • Two complete sets of markings for both Centennial of Naval Aviation schemes (use one set on this kit; use the second set of complete markings on a second T-45 Kit!)
  • Full color decal placement and painting guide
  • Reference CD included with over 600 photographs of both aircraft during paint, on the ramp and in flight
  • Pressure sensitive CoNA sticker
  • Bonus FREE 1/48th scale Missile Markings sheet of your choice with every kit order!  (Make selection above)

Reminder that this is a VERY limited release item and as such, they are ONLY being made available on our website.  This special boxing will not be made available to our overseas distributors.

Price includes FREE Shipping/Handling!

Recommended Accessories:

  • Twobobs Aftermarket Decal Sheets
  • Twomikes Resin Accessories

1/48th CONA Platinum Set

48th platinum set
Black Friday Clearance!

In celebration of the Centennial of Naval Aviation, we are pleased to provide a package set of all of our 1/48th scale Centennial of Naval Aviation decal sheets available in a Platinum Package.

Priced separately, this set retails for $80.00; purchase this bundle set and receive a 20% discount!  Look for this bundle package in 1/72nd and 1/32nd scale shortly!

So what do you get in this Platinum Package?

Items Included:

  • 48-228 F/A-18C F/A-18E VFA-106
  • 48-229 EA-6B/EA-18G VAQ-129
  • 48-230 F/A-18C VFA-122/VFC-12
  • 48-231 F/A-18F VFA-204/VX-31
  • 48-232 F/A-18F VX-9
  • CoNA Centennial Walk-Around CD w/over 800 hi-res walk-around photos
  • Five Pressure Sensitive Stickers (included with sheets)

CoNA-CD Centennial of Naval Aviation Reference CD

cona cd artwork
Black Friday Clearance!

In celebration of the Centennial of Naval Aviation, we are pleased to provide a CD full of hi-resolution reference photographs of the Centennial jets featured on our decal sheets.

Photographs of all your favorites, graciously provided by some of the regular providers of reference material here at Twobobs.  These photogs are modelers by day and they've been able to capture all of these jets from all the correct angles that all you modelers can appreciate.

You're used to seeing the thumbnail photographs on our instruction sheets and also the medium-res versions on our website "Hot Babe of the Week", now get your hands on a CD with the full, hi-res versions!

Use these pictures to capture all the subtle nuances of the "real thing" in your modeling project!

Aircraft/Squadrons Covered:

  • VFA-106
  • VFA-122
  • VFA-204
  • VAQ-129
  • VFC-12
  • VX-9
  • VX-30
  • VX-31

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