48-274 A-10A/C Brrrrrt.. to the Future

This sheet provides markings for three different eras of the A-10.

A-10A 80-0221 in special arctic scheme from Operation Cool Snow Hog 82-1.  There is a bonus set of markings for this aircraft in 1/72nd scale included.

A-10A 80-0186 from Desert Storm.  This aircraft suffered severe damage from an SA-16 during a mission and was quickly repaired and put back into service within 7 days.

A-10C 80-0186 from the DARPA/AFRL Persistent Close Air Support (PCAS) program.  This is the same SN as the Desert Storm aircraft on this sheet.  This aircraft was utilized as an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) to facilitate testing of some leading edge Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) technology development and testing for this very leading edge program.  Many of the technologies developed on this program have been implemented into current JTAC/TACP capabilities.

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