48-255 SU-24/SU-34 Syrian Sukhois

Our first foray into Russian aviation and it's a good one!  This sheet coincides with the new release of the Hobby SU-34. 

Both SU-24 Fencers and SU-34 Fullbacks have been heavily involved in the Syrian conflict and we've captured multiple airframes here with LOTS of mission markings!  There are options for (7) SU-34 aircraft and (3) SU-24 aircraft.  One of the SU-34 has special markings to commemorate the shootdown of Oleg Peshkov's SU-24 (markings for this AC are also included) by a Turkish F-16 in Nov. 2015.

SU-34s have had a myriad of tail markings during the conflict and we have provided nose/tail markings of these aircraft to capture these deviations as best as we can construe from our reference sources.

Only major AC markings are included to use in conjunction with the kit provided stencils.

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