48-194 F-15A Satellite Killers

One of the most historically relevant F-15 Eagles to ever fly.  A/C 76-0084, Celestial Eagle was piloted by Maj. Doug Pearson on 13 Sept. 1985 and launched the ASAT Missile and was able to impact a satellite in orbit.  This decal sheet includes markings for that aircraft as well as A/C 76-0086 which was the second aircraft involved in the ASAT program.

There are enough decals to build one of four optional schemes and one complete set of stencil data is also included. 

As a bonus, both live and captive carry missile markings are included for the ASM-135A ASAT Missile.  These markings will fit the soon to be released ASAT missile from Twomikes Resin.

Special thanks to Gen Doug Pearson (ret) as well as his son Todd Pearson for all the references on this sheet.  The AFFTC History Office was also very helpful in providing photographic references as well as information from this test program.

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