72-102 F-4C/F-16C 50 Years of YGBSM

One of the most striking schemes to ever adorn a USAF Viper.  These markings commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Wild Weasel mission.

We've also included all the F-4's from our previously released "First of the Weasels" sheet that has been sold out for close to a decade now!  That complete set is also included in this release!

One full set of markings to include stencils for external weapons and pods is included for the F-16.  The external stores markings are representative of the weapons loadout that was resident on this jet during it's rollout ceremony.

Capture two distinct eras of the Wild Weasel mission in 72nd scale with this fantastic set! 

Sized for the excellent Tamiya F-16C Block 50 Viper and the Hasegawa F-4C.

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