72-033 F-16C Block 50 Shaw Vipers

Four complete aircraft from Shaw AFB are depicted on this sheet.  Three are from Operation Allied Force and one is from Operation Iraqi Freedom.  All four are Block 50 big mouth jets.


91-0353 - Three different versions of this aircraft can be done of this MiG Killer from Allied Force. All feature the kill markings that were applied at different times of this aircrafts life,

91-0378 - This aircraft flew the 1,000th sortie in support of Allied Force and had some special text added to the side of the jet right above the gun muzzle.

91-0348 - This aircraft from Shaw was responsible for blowing up an Apache helicopter that had been downed by Iraqi AAA.  The aircraft was destroyed so the helicopter would not fall into enemy hands.  Mission markings from the rest of the war are applied on this jet as well.


Loadout information as well as historical data on the MiG kill are included on the instruction sheet.  The Vipers from Shaw are one of the most frequently deployed units in the AF and you can build four complete jets with this sheet!


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