48-149 A-10A Eielson's Ice Hawgs

Options for four aircaft with enough markings for one complete Euro 1 scheme and one complete Compass Gray scheme jet.  The Euro 1 scheme jet is the Spirit of Fairbanks jet from back in the day while the Compass Schemes are from OEF.

Recommended Kits:

  • Revellogram A-10A
  • Tamiya A-10A
  • AMT/ERTL A-10A
  • Hobbycraft A-10A
  • Hobby Boss A-10A
  • Black Box Cockpit
  • Legend Prodctions Cockpit
  • Aires GAU-8 Cannon
  • Cutting Edge Masks
  • Eduard Photo-etch
  • EZ Masks
  • Verlinden Update Set
  • Shull-24 LASTE Update Set