72-077/32-052 F-16C Buckeye Vipers #1


Combo sheet in both 72nd and 32nd scale for the Ohio ANG.  There are enough markings to build two 72nd scale jets and one 32nd scale jet.  Enough options are available for all three jets.

The Squadron CC jet is a MiG Killer and there is some pretty artistic nose art on two of these jets; "Grave Digger" and "Wanted Dead or Alive".  Intake and exhaust plug markings for all the jets are also included.

Recommended Kits:

1/72 Scale

  • Hasegawa F-16C/D
  • Academy F-16C
  • Revell Germany F-16C
  • Aires Detail Sets
  • CMK Conversion Set
  • Eduard Accessories
  • Flightpath Ladder

1/32 Scale

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Academy F-16C
  • Black Box Cockpit
  • CMK Accessories
  • Eduard Accessories
  • Flightpath Accessories
  • Quickboost Accessories

32-049 AIM-9/AIM-120 CATM/ACMI Markings


Finally!  Some munition markings for all those inert munitions you always see on modern fighter aircraft!

AIM-9L/M, AIM-120B/C, ACMI Cubic Pod as well as ARDS Pod markings are all included in this very complete set.

All the specific details that delineate one version of Captive Air Training Missile (CATM) over the other are captured on this sheet. There are three sets of AIM-9 markings, and two sets each of AIM-120 markings.

Three CUBIC Pod markings and thjree ARDS pod markings round out the set.

Recommended Kits:

  • Any and all production or aftermarket missiles

32-038 F-16C Colorado ANG Minute Men 50th Anniversary


32-037 F/A-18C VFA-131 Feline Hornet (Blue Tail CAG)


32-035 AIM-120 and AGM-88 Missile Markings


32-028 AIM-7E-2/M Sparrow Missile Markings


A great decal accessory to add the finishing touches to your model project.

Markings for both the AIM-7E2 and AIM-7M version of the Sparrow missile.  Four each are included as well as bonus markings for the AN/ALE-39/47 chaff flare dispenserws.

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  • Revell Promodeler Strike Eagle
  • Hasegawa Strike Eagle
  • Academy Strike Eagle
  • Academy Strike Eagle
  • Black Box Cockpit Set
  • Aires Cockpit Set
  • Eduard Photo-Etch
  • Cutting Edge Masks
  • Verlinden Detail Set

32-027 US Air-to-Air Missile Markings AIM-9B/D/G/J/L/M


32-025 F/A-18C VFA-82 AFLAC Hornet

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