48-076 F-16C Lone Star Gunfighters TX ANG


Block 30 C/D jets from the 149th Fighter Wing of the Texas Air National Guard.  Enough markings for three complete aircraft and this sheet also includes decals for the colorful baggage pods that are on these jets.

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48-075 AV-8B NA/Super OIF Harriers


48-074 F-4E S.E.A. Heroes


48-073 F/A-18C OIF's SSHWF Golden Dragons


48-072 F/A-18C/D Thunderbolts and Vikings (USMC/OIF)


Finally!!  Some Marine OIF Hornets!  Two complete aircraft are on this sheet.  A C model from VMFA-251 and a D model from VMFA-225.  The VMFA-225 jet has mission markings on it and the VMFA-251 jet has some unique artwork on its LEX fences.

The VMFA-225 jet has some unique artwork on its port vertical stab.  It pays tribute to the 1st Marine Division, which is the most highly decorated division in the USMC.

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48-071 F-15J Shiro Ruyu (White Dragon)


Complete markings including stencil data for this VERY beautiful scheme from the Japanese Air Self Defense Force.

This aircraft was painted up with this special scheme for the 2003 airshow season.

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  • Eduard Photo-etch Update Set
  • Cutting Edge Canopy and Whell Masks
  • Verlinden Detail Set

48-070 F-16C OIF Swamp Foxes


Three complete aircraft are represented on this sheet.  All three have mission markings and are veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  These are Block 52 aircraft so that means small mouth intake with a Pratt Whitney motor.  A/C 549 is a CCIP jet and those mods are explained on the instruction sheet.

Two of these aircraft carry nose art that was designed by SrA Chad Lindner.  He as well as Greg Davis provided references for this sheet.

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  • Shull24.com AN/ALQ-184 ECM Pod

48-069 F-16 NSAWC Vipers


48-068 F-15E Saddam Hunters


48-067 F-111A Combat Lancer Aardvarks


Complete markings (including stencils) for one complete jet with options for 8 of the Combat Lancer jets that deployed to SE Asia in 1968  A truly historic event captured by this very relevant sheet.

References provided by Don Logan, Jim Rotramel, Frank Baehre and Stephen Thrum.

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