48-084 F-16A/B/C CAS Vipers


Markings represent some vipers in the Euro-1 scheme.  These were developed to fill the Close Air Support Role in the USAF.  Hill AFB as well as Nellis AFB were involved in development of this mission for the Viper.  A General Dynamics demo bird is also included on this sheet.  This jet was used in the Falcon Eye Program.

Enough decals for three complete aircraft are included on this sheet with options for up to 9 different markings.

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48-083 F-16 USAF Stencils


48-082 OV-1A/C S.E.A Mohawks


48-081 F-15E One More Time for the Gipper


48-080 F-15DJ Japanese Aggressors


48-079 F-14B VF-103 60 Years of Jolly Rogers


48-078 F/A-18C VFA-82 AFLAC Hornet


48-077/32-023 F/A-18A+ VMFA-312 Fights On!!


This is a combo sheet that includes markings for both 48th and 32nd scale.

The aircraft featured on this sheet is from the VMFA-312 Checkerboards.  This scheme is reminiscent of the old Ferris schemes that adorned some US Navy and USAF jets back in the day.  A very tough/attractive scheme for the Hornet!

References provided by Sgt Sorensen of VMFA-312 (scheme designer) and photojournalist Greg Davis.

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48-076 F-16C Lone Star Gunfighters TX ANG


Block 30 C/D jets from the 149th Fighter Wing of the Texas Air National Guard.  Enough markings for three complete aircraft and this sheet also includes decals for the colorful baggage pods that are on these jets.

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48-075 AV-8B NA/Super OIF Harriers