48-119 F/A-18B/C Sh*% Hot Sharpshooters


48-118 JAS-39A/B/C/D Rippin' Gripens


48-117 F/A-18F Rockin' Rhinos #6 VF-213 Black Lions


Super Bugs from VF-213!!  Enough markings for both the factory delivery scheme as well as the current CAG scheme.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet
  • Italeri F/A-18F Super Hornet
  • Black Box Cockpit

48-116/35-002 AH-1W HMLA-169 Shark Mouth Vipers Cobra


48-115 A-7E VA-22 Gecko Redcocks


A very colorful scheme with enough markings for two complete aircraft.  One of these aircraft was a participant in Operation Praying Mantis is 1988.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa A-7E Corsair II
  • Aires Cockpit Set
  • Eduard Accessories
  • Black Box Cockpit

48-114 F-4C First of the Weasels


Enough markings for two complete aircraft with options for five.  Very historically relevant markings from one of the first F-4 Weasel units from the Vietnam Conflict.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F-4C Phantom II
  • Black Bock Cockpit Set
  • Cutting Edge Masks
  • Eduard Accessories

48-113 RF-4C No-Gun Shoguns


Two complete aircraft are represented from the 15th TRS of Kadena AFB.  Markings from RAM 1985 and RAM 1986

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa RF-4C Phantom II

48-112 F-14D Tomcat VF-2 OIF Bounty Hunters

Three aircraft are represented on this sheet.  Enough marking options for two complete jets.
  • F-14D CAG Jet
  • F-14D "Go Navy" Line Jet
  • F-14D "Beat Army" Line Jet

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F-14D
  • Monogram F-14D

48-110 F-15C Langley's Ironmen

Two aircraft from the First Fighter Wing.  Enough markings for two complete jets!
  • F-15C CO Jet "Ironman"
  • F-15C Line Jet

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F-15C
  • Revellogram F-15C
  • Academy F-15C
  • Tamiya F-15C

48-109 F-15A Show Me State Eagles

Two aircraft with full-color nose art are represented on this sheet.  Enough markings for two complete jets!
  • F-15A MSIP Upgrade "Spirit of St. Louis"
  • F-15A MSIP Upgrade "Spiderman"

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F-15A/C
  • Revellogram F-15A/C
  • Academy F-15A/C
  • Tamiya F-15C